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Lavonia Depot Farmers Market

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The Lavonia Depot Farmers Market is opened April to October from 7:00 AM to 11 AM. The application must be turned in with the appropriate certificates or licensing necessary to sell your product. Please note that you MUST follow all Georgia operating policies and State statutes. Some of the items sold at Georgia Farmers Market require special licenses including, but not limited to:

Live Plant License - required if you grow on a plot over 1000 square feet.

Egg Candling License - This FREE license is required to sell eggs along with proper labeling and refrigeration less than 45 degrees.

Cottage Food License - required to sell any baked or processed foods.

*Locally grown fruits and vegetables do not require a license.

The City of Lavonia is embarking on an exciting journey to breathe new life into its Farmer's Market, leveraging its agricultural roots to foster a vibrant community hub. This initiative is not just about offering fresh produce; it's about creating a space where citizens, community members, and visitors can connect with the very essence of what makes Franklin County unique. By focusing on the agricultural strengths of the area, the project is meant to establish and grow a Farmer’s Market. Revitalizing the Farmer's Market is more than an economic boost; it's a cultural renaissance. It offers an opportunity for local farmers to showcase their produce, for artisans to highlight their crafts, and for the community to come together in support of sustainable, local agriculture.


Moreover, the revitalized Farmer's Market is set to become a key attraction for visitors, drawing in tourists with the promise of high-quality, locally sourced goods. This influx of visitors will not only benefit the market itself but will also stimulate the local economy, creating a ripple effect that benefits restaurants, shops, and other businesses. The City of Lavonia's project is a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives, showcasing how a commitment to agriculture and sustainability can transform a local market into a thriving, dynamic destination for all.

We invite you to support the NEW Lavonia Depot Farmers Market . The City of Lavonia, Lavonia DDA, and Main Street are collaborating on securing grants and financial programs to aid in this initiative. The City's objective is to establish a permanent structure and location for the Farmer’s Market at the Lavonia Depot (1269 East Main Street Lavonia, Georgia 30553).


If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact the Lavonia Downtown Development Authority to fill out an application. To become a vendor at the Lavonia Depot Farmers Market, you need to fill out an application, attend a training course offered by DDA, and provide any necessary certificates or licenses. The photo provided is just a guideline (JGP) and not the actual application. For the application form, please visit the Lavonia Depot at 1269 East Main Street, Lavonia, GA 30553.


Lavonia DDA & Mainstreet Contact Information:

Barbara Busby: 706-356-1926

Ashley Rose Dodd: 706-356-5725

Lavonia DDA & Welcome Center

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